I am Giota, a professional Software Engineer from Greece, currently living in Munich

Technology and education are my biggest passions. I love coding, solving problems, teaching and learning every day! I am not afraid to push the edge to reality and get out of my comfort zone. Whenever I am not learning something new, I am more than happy to share my knowledge with others. I  always enjoy getting the most out of collaboration.

Working experience

For the past 15 years I have been working with plenty of Web technologies. I started my career as a Front-end and Back-end developer  in Greece before moving to Prague to work as a Software Engineer at Skype/Microsoft. I am fortunate enough to have worked in cross functional teams, thus having been involved in all phases of software development lifecycle: front-end & back-end development, deployment, TDD, CI, automation testing & monitoring with a focus towards building well-structured, maintainable, modular and well tested code. As a certified SCRUM master, I had the pleasure to work in agile environments, enjoying the active involvement, cooperation and collaboration between team members.

Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in a cool startup in Munich, where we build our own Browser with a pre-built search engine. We combine Browsers, Data and Machine Learning to build innovative and secure products for our users. How cool is this?


I hold a BSc in Applied Informatics and MSc in Computer Science from Aristotle University of Greece with specialization in the field of Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICT). During my studies I learned how to learn and apart from programming and coding skills I mostly developed high metacognitive skills.

Being always fascinated by learning and teaching, in parallel with my Web Development Career, I continued my studies by attending the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, where I was awarded with the “Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Competence”.

In order to keep up with the latest technologies, I constantly keep learning by attending courses on Coursera, Pluralsight and Udemy!


Did I mention that I love teaching? Yep, I really do! So in order to fulfil my two passions I work professionally as a Coding Mentor as well. There’s nothing better than combining my pedagogical studies together with my professional hands-on experience. When I mentor my students, in order to help them succeed, we do a lot of pair programming and live coding with focus on the know-how and know-who. Using a systematic approach of breaking down complex problems into simpler ones and developing strong communication skills, is all they need to handle any situation.

Course Writer & Reviewer

In the past I had the pleasure to create an e-learning platform and write the content for an online course about the Microsoft Office applications suite, covering a wide range of software programs including Excel, Outlook, Word, Access, Internet and PowerPoint, both in text and video formats.

Currently I am the Course Reviewer and Quiz Writer for a new Node.js course on Careerfoundry, covering a wide range of topics like node.js modules, package managers, web servers using Express, MongoDB and serverless functions.


html5, css3, javascript, jquery, react, node.js, ruby on rails, grunt, sass, handlebars, git, github, responsive design, cross browser compatibility, python, C#, php/mysql, AWS, Windows Azure, MVC frameworks, unit/integration testing, scrum & agile methodologies.

Ruby on Rails