After 18 months of maternity leave I am really excited to be back in the field! Having many years of professional working experience, twelve if I count correctly, doesn’t mean I don’t have to prepare anything if I want to land my next dream job. Quite the opposite. I know that expectations are going to be high enough for Senior Engineer positions. Being out of the market for a year and a half and also being a mother (a role which I LOVE very much) makes it a little bit more challenging.

No problem, challenge accepted! I am really excited it’s about time to do the thing I enjoy the most (after my son of course), which is study and learn. Being a full time mom and a part time Mentor at the moment doesn’t leave me much time during my day to study. I would love to have plenty of hours to practise and code, but that’s not possible and that’s absolutely fine! Having a proper study plan in place and the discipline to stick to it can be much more productive than having plenty of free time. It’s up to us to create the time we need and prioritise the things we want to do in the timeframe we have. Plan, Prioritise and Passionately do. As simple as that!

Before we go into the plan, let me share with you the state of my Browser Bookmarks. More or less this is what my plan is going to be based on content-wise. Structure and organisation is the first step before planning anything and looks like what I’ve done in the past is going to help me get back in track much faster!


Let’s set up a plan and get into coding. You can follow this plan no matter if you had a long break or not. More or less this is what I recommend to my students, who have no prior experience with Javascript and try to make a career change into the Web Development world. Hopefully this plan will help others as well!


What to learn

In Progress

How to learn

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Time Management/Project Management tips

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